What’s an Anti-Millionaire?

Hi, this is Angela Artemis of The Anti-Millionaire.

I’ve decided to start this blog to write about my journey shifting from a banking, finance and mortgage lending career to something that resonates more with who I’ve become in the last 20 years. I’m hoping the frequent commentary documenting my pursuit to support myself in a more creative field along with my financial insights on how to eliminate debt and finance this phase in my life will be helpful to others as well. I’d also welcome comments from readers who have suggestions to contribute based upon their experiences making a mid-life career change, or eliminating debt.

I want to explain why I chose The Anti-Millionaire as the name for my blog. It’s not that I have anything against millionaires, trust me I have nothing against being wealthy, what I do have a problem with though is people living above their means and acquiring piles of debt. Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of people, many of whom were struggling under mountains of credit card debt and house payments, looking for payment relief. And, while most received the help they were looking for, what I couldn’t understand was how just a few years later many would be looking to cash-out more of their home equity to pay off new credit card debt they’d acquired. The thing was when I’d ask them what all the debt was for half the time it was not for medical bills, or college tuition or to cover a catastrophic event – it was simply to buy STUFF; stuff they could’ve easily lived without. So, the Anti-Millionaire is about living within your means and using restraint and responsibility when it comes to creating debt in order to be free to make lifestyle choices later-on when the time arises.

Another reason I chose The Anti-Millionaire is related to my own desire for a mid-life career change. Though I do freelance as a writer now, I’ve never made a living at it because when it came time to find a “real” job I’ve always followed the money and security, and not my passion. Now that I’m in my 40s I realize that working just to make money isn’t something I’m going to be able to do for another 25 years. I’ve reached an impasse, and with half my life behind me time’s become more precious. So, I’ve decided to become more mindful with my choices and trust the process – and the universe rather than allowing fear to guide me in my decisions.

And last – I chose The Anti-Millionaire because I’m concerned about the environment and the huge amount of waste each household contributes to killing our planet each year. The Anti-Millionaire brings to mind the notion of rejecting the culture of conspicuous consumption in our society in order to focus instead on the experience of living, rather than the stuff we can acquire.

It’s time to do what I love everyday, so I’m starting now to create a simpler lifestyle around the things I truly value. I value doing work I get lost in – not work I lose my soul for. I value time for reflection and meditation - not spending hours in meetings or on conference calls. I crave work/life balance – and creating wonderful memories of a life well-lived and enjoyed.

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