Walking the Path of Least Resistance

Today on my morning walk something unusual took place. I started out going down hill, which isn’t at all unusual since I live on the top of a hill. But, about 15 minutes into it the sun filtered through the trees above a particularly lovely stone house with beautiful landscaping, and fell upon the right side of my face. At that moment the world around me changed. I can only describe it as being similar to an episode of The Dead Zone where the main character places his hand on someone and then he’s transported into a scene from the other person’s world. Suddenly I was there walking, and then the warmth of the sun hit my cheek, and then I wasn’t.

I felt connected to everyone and every living thing, and a thoroughly magnificent joy welled up from within me. All the colors were brighter- the trees were greener, and the sky bluer. While I knew I was still walking I felt as if I were floating. I was still me, but aware that I was part of something greater. I also knew that this place – this joy – was the place where life emanates, and the ‘stuff’ from which we create our lives. I also understood that thought patterns such as fears and worry were false distractions that veiled my consciousness from this primal state of being. And, I realized that great accomplishments spring from this joyous source; not from a place of lamenting the conditions of our lives.

It lasted only seconds but for the remainder of my walk I was exuberant and full of energy. I never slowed down – not even climbing several more hills. I just kept thinking of how all the energy spent focusing on our problems actually dams-up our consciousness, preventing us from accessing answers from that sublime pool of joy. It also occurred to me that when fear and worry block the natural flow of our energetic thought patterns it drains us, whereas joy and happiness are energizing because they flow unobstructed along the path of least resistance to manifest in our lives.

I would characterize loving your life, doing what you love and loving what you do as following the path of least resistance.

From now on I’m walking the path of least resistance.

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