If You’ve Never Failed - You’re Not Trying Hard Enough to Succeed

Many successful people have failed while attempting to achieve their goals. The reason they made it though is that they didn’t allow criticism or failure to deter them from pressing on. They had a vision of what their lives could be, and used their failure as a lesson and stepping stone to get them to their goal. Thomas Edison put it best when he said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

(I found this great video on famous people who’ve failed. To watch just click on the link below.)

Famous People Who\’ve Failed

If you have a dream declare it boldly! Do not be afraid of what anyone thinks. Many new ideas are not accepted at first. Just think of how many people must have laughed at the Wright brothers before they designed a plane that actually could fly. Create an plan to achieve your goal and begin working it. Even if you’re first few attempts backfire - keep going. Remember, the people who dare to laugh are the ones most afraid of failure.

This month one of my articles, published in BC The Magazine July/August issue, is a profile of fascinating business man, A.J. Khubani. Khubani’s company, Telebrands Corp, markets products with the red AS SEEN ON TV label, such as the PedEgg, the StickUp Bulb, and the GoDuster. Khubani started his business right out of college and it was NOT an overnight success, but he stuck with it.

Twenty-five years later his company is worth $100 million. The most interesting part of our interview was when he spoke of failing and almost losing his business, and his home in 2000. He responded that failure and challenging times help us to mature. He also said that if he had a chance he wouldn’t change a thing in his life; that’s now much he valued the experience of failing.

So, if you have a dream and a vision for your life don’t cower in the corner fearing failure - go for it. And, remember if you fail you’re in great company. And, after remembering your in great company, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in there!

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