Moving Day

Yesterday was a beautiful June day. It was too nice to be stuck indoors. Around 11 o’clock I could resist no more and slipped away from my desk to take a walk in the brilliant sunshine.

A few blocks from my house I rounded a corner and saw a moving van in the driveway of a cute brick ranch. The lawn was dotted with open boxes and odds and ends. A woman wearing a baseball cap sat on the lawn petting her dog as she watched the movers bringing her possessions out of the house. As I got closer I spied a county sheriff’s car that had been hidden by the huge moving van, and two police officers leaning up against the car overseeing the scene. I suddenly wished I’d chosen a different path to walk.

The woman sat perfectly still as I passed. Only the two policemen turned to look at me. I cannot imagine what that woman was feeling as her home was emptied by strangers. I had a lump in my throat as I choked back tears and sadness for this woman. It’s a scene I hope I will never see again.

Today The New York Times reports that Congress is working on a new bill to help home owners facing foreclosure. It can’t come fast enough as far as I’m concerned.

To read the full NYT article paste this link into your browser:


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