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Independence Day: Choose the Thoughts You Will Entertain

Friday, July 4th, 2008

I started thinking about this day and what it means, in light of the current economic and emotional climate, early this morning. Our founding fathers, member of the 2nd Continental Congress, announced their intention to adopt the Declaration of Independence on this day in 1776. They declared their right to form a new country, to govern themselves and to CHOOSE a new way of thinking that elevated Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness in the consciousness of their citizenry.

This day we celebrate is in commemoration of our collective spirits standing together and saying, “We will partake of our unalienable right to live our lives with Liberty and in the pursuit of Happiness.” It is NOT a day where we are to shrink with fear about our futures.

The U.S. has been through some pretty tough times in the last 232 years, starting with the fight for our independence, the Civil War, WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, other recessions, etc., and now our current travails. The reason I point this out is that we’ve survived and even thrived after all these shocks to our collective systems, and we will again survive and rise from this low-point again too. That’s just who we are.

I wonder what the signers of The Declaration would say to us if they were living in these times?

I think they would tell us to un-plug from the collective fear that’s paralyzing our national psyches and start focusing instead on what we want to accomplish – not on the fear driven headlines. Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence faced terrible circumstances for their stand on the Declaration. Some were killed by the British, or had family members killed, many went broke and lost everything they owned but they felt the outcome was worth their sacrifice and so they pressed on despite the odds. And that’s what we have to do now. Press on and focus on the good that exists right now in our lives – now matter how small it appears.

I’m going to begin my celebration of this day by focusing intently on what I know is the Truth about the USA. We are a great and resilient people and I see us prevailing and prospering thanks to each of us exercising our Independence from the collective negativity we’ve allowed to take hold of us. Opportunities still exist. It’s up to us to begin noticing them. Not unlike when we buy a new car and start noticing that car everywhere afterward, we must practice focusing on seeing opportunities. Whatever we choose to focus on expands.

I choose to focus on limitless opportunity for all. What about you?

All is Well And I Have Enough

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Yesterday Steve made the following comment about the post, Is Advertising Making Us Poor?

We recently watched “Finding Nemo” on network TV. I was floored. It was nearly impossible to watch with all the commercial breaks. We decided to time it as I was sure the breaks were longer than the movie bits. Sure enough, eight minutes of Nemo, and 13 minutes of advertising. Unbelievable. No wonder kids have ADD, and want everything they see.

“The things we own, end up owning us.”
-Tyler Durden, Fight Club.

Angela writes:

Isn’t amazing what we’ve learned to put up with? I say - Turn off the TV!

First we’re bombarded with advertising to buy, buy, buy, and then we’re barraged by headlines saying that the economy is tanking. I think we need a national media black-out day where everyone just lives their lives and listens to their heart instead of media. Whatever we focus on expands.

Let’s all start thinking - All is well and I have enough!

Would our world change if we all collectively changed our thinking? My gut says YES.

Let’s get a dialogue going on this topic. What do you think?

Why Senator Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Inspired Me

Monday, June 9th, 2008

“Never listen to anyone who says you can’t, or shouldn’t go on!” Senator Hillary Clinton’s speech to end her bid for the White House. 6/7/2008

Growing up I believed that I could do and be whatever I dreamed of due to the hard work of many women who fought to obtain equal rights. Thanks to them I knew that I had the smarts, and the right to go as far as I wanted - no doubt about it. So, when I first bumped up against the glass ceiling I was shocked. My own career frustrations showed me women still had miles to go before perceptions changed.

Senator Clinton’s campaign gave me hope that now, finally, the world would accept women as equals to accomplish anything. Her candidacy gave meaning to my own effort to be all I can be in my life and career, and to be free to do it on my own terms. All the sexism and disrespect I encountered along the way, the harassing remarks, lower pay raises, and the anger and frustration at being unable to stop it were reconciled by the sight of Senator Clinton forging ahead and winning so many states. The fact that so many people voted for her gave me enormous hope that finally women are on an even playing field.

During the campaign when media repeatedly showed the clip of Senator Clinton, then First Lady, saying she wasn’t going to stay home and bake cookies during her husband’s presidency, I understood her too. I never wanted to stay home and bake cookies either, not that I think there’s anything wrong in doing that, but because, first, it’s not me, and second, it speaks to the belief that home is the only place a woman belongs. I could also relate to her when some idiot stood up in the crowd and shouted, “Iron my shirts.” I know how annoyed and angry she must have felt.

Even when subjected to endless attacks by small-minded pundits spewing sexist criticisms about her hair, her clothing, her emoting, or making ridiculous comments about “crossing [their] legs when she entered the room,” and “the reason she may be a front-runner is because her husband messed around,” none of which Obama, nor McCain has been subjected to, she persisted and her supporters grew. (I do believe the fact that Chris Matthews wasn’t taken off the air for his messing around remark speaks volumes about the tolerance for sexism - look at Don Imus and Geraldine Ferraro’s racist remarks - we didn’t tolerate those did we?)

In spite of all this, I do feel positive that someday I will see a woman president in my lifetime, and that when she runs her gender will not be an issue what-so-ever. I think of my young nieces and how much they will inherit from her efforts that they will just take for granted, and I am even more grateful to her for her fortitude. Senator Clinton has shown the world that women are as capable, and just as qualified to be commander-in-chief, and for that I thank her.