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Now Is The Time to Do What You Love

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Recently, I dreamed of aunt who’d passed away that I’d been very close to.

I was driving around the old neighborhood in Yonkers when I saw her standing outside a local delicatessen, laughing and speaking animatedly to a friend. I was so excited to see her again and at the prospect of hearing her laugh - an infectious laugh she was famous for. I rushed to find a parking spot so that I could go to her immediately.

When I arrived at the deli her face lit up at seeing me, and she smiled warmly. I was about to embrace her when a business colleague appeared out of no where saying he needed my immediate attention. I was annoyed, but felt duty-bound to help him with this work related problem. I turned to my aunt and gestured that I’d be with her in a minute. I hoped to be able to deal with the work issue as quickly as possible so I could get on with spending some quality time with her.

After a few moments with my colleague the crisis was solved and I turned my attention back to my aunt, but she was gone! I was heart-broken to find that she’d disappeared and furious with the work colleague who’d diverted my attention.

When I awoke I was very disturbed about the dream. I decided I would meditate on it to see why it had upset me so much. As I relaxed an answer came to me.

I was upset because, once again, I’d allowed work to interfere with something I loved dearly. I realized that this dream was just a short-hand for my entire working life. I’d never allowed myself to pursue what I loved doing, except for the 3 years I took off to pursue my education, which were 3 of the happiest years I can remember. I’d always placed my passion for writing on the back burner and thought it insignificant compared to the “real” work that paid me well. I also realized I had no one to blame but myself - I could have told my work colleague to wait, but I hadn’t.

I’ve decided my dream is very important and urgent message I must listen to. It’s time to put all my energy into doing what I love - do it or die trying! I’d been contemplating going back into Private Banking again since it would give me a healthy and steady income, but when I think about actually having to do it, I feel weighted down and horribly depressed. I feel the message for me is, “Do what you love - and do it now.”

Has anyone else had a similar experience, or dream they’d like to share?

Dreams, Decisions & Choices. Oh my!

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

I’ve been struggling for a while with several major decisions. Should I sell my house to get rid of the debt and maintenance costs so I can make a career change? And, if I do sell how far away do I have to move to find affordable housing? Or, should I sell and rent for a while and stay in the area?

Honestly, even though I’m in the mortgage/real estate business even I can’t predict where this market is going. Some veterans in the field claim we’re looking at late 2008 recovery, and yet others say it could take two or three years or more to pick up. Who knows?

In the mean time, I’ve been offered an opportunity, by a very dear friend, to work for her marketing and public relations firm. I’d be writing, and contributing creatively as well as working on bringing in new business which sounds perfect. I’m drawn to the writing and creative aspects as well as to the business development and sales, since I’m good at this and enjoy it as well. But, what’s stopping me is the unresolved issue with the house – can I afford to keep my house and make this career change too? I’m pretty sure I can’t. Understandably, I would be starting at a lower salary since I’m new to this industry. Anyway, I’ve been going round and round with this decision for a few months now.

I’ve tried to be very calm about the whole thing and have been ‘telling’ myself that the answers would come to me at the right time. The last thing I want to do is panic and make a decision prematurely. I know that I want to work at the public relations company – the question is can I do it without selling my house? I really don’t want to sell in this down market, plus having moved 13 times in my life - the thought of packing again feels overwhelming. I also happen to enjoy the privacy of living in a home versus a condo, or apartment. But, I’ve been complaining for months about how much work it is to maintain a home, especially when you’re by yourself. So, part of me wants to move back to a condo, but another part of me doesn’t. This inner conflict and flip-flopping is driving me crazy. It’s all I think about lately too, and frankly I’m sick of it. I want this issue resolved.

Over the weekend I slept later than usual and had this dream:

I was married again – though I was aware that I didn’t want to be, it felt familiar. The mood in the house was serious, dark and Darth Vader-like. I felt my inner light being squelched-out by these very controlling vibes. It was 9 pm and he said it was time to go to sleep. I didn’t want to – it was too early and still light out. I looked out the window and saw people out strolling and heard them laughing and talking. We had a spat over this and I went downstairs to get away and be alone. I realized at that moment I had a choice. I could leave. I didn’t have to stay and be miserable. The only thing was I was barefoot and in my night-gown and didn’t want to be seen like this by my neighbors. Then I remembered I had a long sweater in the back of the car that I could throw over me when I got home and walked from the parking lot to my condo. (I seemed to have moved to a condo?). I left and knew he’d be wondering what happened to me but I didn’t care anymore.

Then suddenly I was walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood in Manhattan, but I ‘knew’ I was going in the right direction. I was following my instincts, and not panicking, while I made my way toward a subway station that I ‘felt’ would be up ahead over a hill I was about to climb. I ‘knew’ if I got to that subway station I could figure out how to get home.

I feel strongly that this dream was giving me my answer.

Interpretation: Leave the security of the safe, but worn-out environment that’s bringing me down and keeping me feeling small. Take back control of your life. Make the career change even if you feel ill-prepared – who cares what anyone thinks! You’ll improvise. You’ll feel lost at first but eventually you will find your way home. Plus, feeling your way in new situations is exciting. You’ll feel alive again.

As far my living in a condo again in my dream – I’m still resisting that for some reason. I can’t visualize that FOR SALE sign on my front lawn just yet. Could it be that it’s the right answer, but just not the right time? I do believe it has to ‘feel’ right too.

Aren’t dreams amazing?